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FG Restaurant

Down to the tiniest detail, every aspect of FG Restaurant (2 Michelin stars) aims to spoil guests.

Only the very best is good enough. Everything has to be perfect, not only on the plate and in the glass,

but also the atmosphere and the service as well as the acoustics and the seating comfort – everything!

FG Restaurant has 54 extremely comfortable swivel chairs and an ultra-lux bar with 8 seats. At the ultra-lux bar you can feast on Hida-gyu (world’s finest beef), or savor unsalted caviar from the white Siberian sturgeon. At this bar you’ll drink Blanc de Blancs Millésimé or a homemade cocktail based on the house-crafted gin. Our wine list is rewarded with The Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence with 1.112 reviews. We are also the founder of the wine pairings through QR codes.

An eye catcher at FG Restaurant is the western oak plank lighting. The washbasin in the toilet is a waterfall, and the private dining room is a converted garden, an oasis of calm. This is the only restaurant in the Netherlands with its own flavor laboratory. The chemical formulas are part of the decor at FG Restaurant.

FG Restaurant boasts a ModBar, the most advanced espresso machine in the world: all the important hardware is stored under the bar. This machine can simulate water from all parts of the world; the taste of water is well understood. The kitchen is completely seamless, which means bacteria don’t stand a chance.

FG Restaurant does not care about dress codes. You are just as welcome in stilettos as in sneakers.

The ultimate dining experience is not linked to a dress code.


FG Restaurant stands for Fabulous Gastronomy, extreme enjoyment.

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