Aruba Trip

François Geurds is of all trades: from haute cuisine to street food. As varied as he is as diverse as the island where his roots are: Aruba. On Aruba you will experience a gastronomic highlight with Urvin Croes. You can also get the tastiest oyster soup in the many food truck this One Happy Island has to offer.

On behalf of Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), he mapped out a trip to his favorite places on his favorite vacation island. FG Aruba Trip contains exclusive tips for an exclusive trip. He not only reveals his culinary addresses, he also points out the most beautiful beaches, the power of aloe vera, the most luxurious salons for a relaxation massage, the most important sights. FG Aruba Trip is a handy guide for an unforgettable holiday. Once you have got hold of your taste of Aruba, you certainly want to go back.

The traveler is completely free to follow his tips, but he/she can also add his/her own touch. Anyone booking a FG Aruba is not obligated. Fg Aruba Trip does not end at the airport. During a concluding All-in eight-course menu in Fg Restaurant, there is still plenty of time to enjoy.

FG Aruba Trip offers various accommodation options, and can be booked through SilkTravel from 2,350 euros per person - based on 9 days. Expansion of the number of travel days is of course possible. SilkTravel stands for exclusive trips with the highest quality possible. SilkTravel can be reached via 088-0033500 or via Everything about Aruba can be found on

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