François Geurds

François Geurds was stirring pans for his Aruban mother Ivy Geurds when he was barely out of nappies. It was clear form an early age whose genes he had inherited! To this day, his mother remains his greatest source of inspiration.

While other boys of his age were outside scrapping on the football pitch, he helped out in local restaurants near his parents' home in Brabant. Not long after, he would head off in search of the best teachers in the world, a quest that took him as far as California. One day he would start his own restaurant, that much he knew even as an adolescent.

He came into his own as a chef under Cees helder in restaurant Parkheuvel. And just as François Geurds was deciding he was ready for a new adventure, that restaurant was honoured with the highest recognition in gastronomy: for the first time in history, a Dutch restaurant was awarded a third Michelin star.

A few years later, François Geurds was at the heart of an even bigger success. The Fat Duck in Bray, near London was named the best restaurant in the world. At that time, he was right-hand man to Heston Blumenthal.

In Februari 2009, he established his own restaurant in Rotterdam's Lloydkwartier: FG Restaurant. Geurds' bold inventions and mouth-watering combinations soon got him noticed. Within nine months, he was awarded his first Michelin star, with the second following in 2013. In between times, he was awarded membership of the Guild of Dutch Master Chefs, passing a test to prove his mastery with flying colours.

In spring 2014, he opened the quirky FG Food Labs under the arches at Hofbogen in Rotterdam, the gateway to FG Restaurant - the team here keep on experimenting until they have the perfect dish to set on the table. In the same year, Michelin awarded FG Food Labs a Michelin star.

This food guru is the only Dutch chef to have his own flavour laboratory.

It is his firm conviction that cooking is a sciene. You can only achieve perfection if you know the chemical processes.

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