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FG Restaurant - Welcome

François Geurds Restaurant

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Welcome to François Geurds

My mother loved to cook, already when I was still a kid. At a young age I was captivated by her passion for cooking and flavours. I would sit in front of the oven, mesmerised and amazed at what was going on inside. I wanted to learn how to cook, I wanted to understand the magic and master the techniques.

I will not stop until I reach the highest level of my profession. Together with my team, I have created a place where can I surprise my guests and let them enjoy themselves to the fullest. Everything has to be perfect when it comes to flavour, service and atmosphere. Every day again. Welcome to François Geurds Restaurant (2 Michelin stars). Where an evening’s extreme enjoyment is guaranteed. In other words: Fabulous Gastronomy.

François Geurds & Team

Flavour perfection

When it comes to flavour, François Geurds (FG) Restaurant** aims for nothing less than perfection. We test all our dishes over and over before you experience them. It is not for nothing that we are the only restaurant in the Netherlands with a flavour laboratory. The wine list of François Geurds (FG) Restaurant, multiple awarded with Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator 2022, covers no fewer than 1,350 references, and the most extensive champagne list in the Netherlands, with over 170 types of champagne and over 140 different magnums.

Pure service

Where you think service ends, we take it a few steps further. The team at François Geurds (FG) Restaurant** is pure, personal and brings a positive energy to the table. Whoever you are, whatever you do and however you dress, you and your party are welcome. At François Geurds (FG) Restaurant, you will feel royal and at home.

We make no concessions in terms of quality, and we know exactly what we want you to taste. Do you dare to experience our flavour explosion?

Unique atmosphere

At our restaurant, we reflect on everything. Our private dining room is an inverted garden, making it a magical place to dine with a select group. Even the perfume in the lavatory is custom made, specially formulated for François Geurds (FG) Restaurant**. Precisely these details make our restaurant unique. And that is exactly what will give you unforgettable memories of enjoyment at François Geurds (FG) Restaurant**.


FG Bonbons

Only the very best is good enough for you. FG Bonbons have been made with the utmost care and without any harmful artificial additives. FG Bonbons are A-grade. The shell of FG Bonbons - prepared with Valrhona Guanaja 70% - is significantly slimmer than average, giving it a nice snap. The secret of the shell is in the crystallization of the chocolate: the chocolate is tempered or tabled at the right temperature. The designs - from Mondrian to Delft blue - consist of purely colored cocoa butter. Read more »


We understand that, after a wonderful experience at our restaurant, you want to end the evening in style.
We would like to offer you three accommodation suggestions in beautiful Rotterdam,
so you won't have to worry about a thing after an evening of enjoyment. More info »



François Geurds Restaurant
Katshoek 37b
3032 AE Rotterdam
the Netherlands

Tel: +31 10 425 0520

We are open on

Wednesday and Thursday

  • Dinner: from 6.30 PM

Friday and Saturday

  • Lunch: from 12 PM
  • Dinner: from 7 PM*
    * on Saturday only 8 course menu


FG FoodLabs is open on

Tuesday to Friday

  • Dinner: from 6.30 PM