Fabulous Garden

Would you like to spend an afternoon or evening in good company or celebrate a special occasion? Do you have important business to discuss? Are you looking for a private setting for a master class, workshop or product launch?

Oasis of tranquillity

François Geurds (FG) Restaurant's private dining room is the perfect place for these special moments. Our private dining room is an oasis of tranquillity – in fact, it is an inverted garden.

In combination with the dimmable mood lighting and swivel armchairs, it can be described as a playful and cosy, yet functional setting. This separate space seats 16; nearly any configuration is possible.

Inverted garden

Fabulous Garden can be booked from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch, drinks and/or dinner. Special requests? Please let us know. We will be sure to honour what we can.

More information about our private dining room can be requested via +31(0)10 425 05 20 or via info@fgrestaurant.nl.